Primary Campus

Excellence for every child, my substantial expertise in Primary education and my broad range of Primary leadership experience

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Montessori Campus

We motivate each child to become an independent, life-long learner by stimulating physical, emotional and intellectual growth

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Photo Gallery

Our all events, Photo Coverage, Award Shows, Celebration Day, Mother Day, Father Day, Blue Day, Red Day, Painting Shows, Water Day, Glitter Day, Fancy Dress, Profession Day, Magic Show, Sports Day, Party. Earth Day, Picnic, Mango Day, Summer Holidays.

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Welcome to TFS.

The Montessori approach to education is grounded in the belief that children have a dynamic inner desire to explore and learn about their environment. All Children carry within themselves the person they will become. Developing the physical, intellectual and spiritual potential to the fullest requires freedom-freedom achieved through order and self discipline.

What we do.

The First Step Montessori gives children an environment that respects all people and ideas. We also give families a vehicle to learn co-operatively, have fun and promote peace with their children. We are dedicated to providing and intellectually, stimulating and emotionally calming atmosphere in which children can become self directed learns, as a school family we continue to expand our minds and use this knowledge to make a good impact on our society.

What we offer.

We offer an excellent educational team with expertise in Montessori education methods and skilled at collaborating with families to meet each child’s individual needs. We offer large, bright & air conditioned class rooms

The Montessori curriculum includes a comprehensive and compelling content in practical Life, Sensorial, and Mathematics & Languages.

 Practical Life
Practical Life activities are designed to engage children in real life daily to routines. These activities will strengthen their fine and gross motor skills and lengthen their concentration span through repetition of work. To encourage independence we provide activities in pouring, cutting and care of self.

The objective in the Sensorial area is to aide in the development of the child’s 5 senses. Materials are designed to isolate a single character of each sense. The child will experience the discrimination of weight, differences of color and different intonations of sound through proper use of the materials. These materials connect to areas of language development and Mathematics.